Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crafting with Princess T

Felting with Princess T
My 9-year old Princess T got bored with her recent activities and so we tried something new - felting. For those who are not too sure what felting is, it's actually taking a lump of wool, shape it roughly into the shape you want, and poking the life out of the lump of wool with a felting needle. This is what she made entirely by herself, poking with her needles. I got her extra needles so she can hold them together and speed up the process.

A Felted Elephant Bag Charm


Sewing a Dress for her Build-a-Bear  Workshop Stuffed Toy 
Princess T wanted to sew on my sewing machine for a long time. So, she finally got to sew a dress for her Build-a-Bear Workshop Hello Kitty and Bunny dolls. This dress can be worn by all the standard size Build-a-Bear Workshop stuffed dolls. I may come up with a tutorial later. Keep a lookout! 
This dress is sewn by Princess T with a teeny little bit of help here and there from me. Not bad, huh, for a first attempt.

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