Sunday, March 11, 2012

Art Workshop at MAAD!

We offered for the first time, on-the-spot DIY Paint Your Own Canvas ($10) or Zip Purse/Pencil Case ($18) for kids & adults at MAAD on Friday, 9 March 2012. Teaching assistants were Treise and Dylan. In fact, I was away, buying dinner for the 3 of us at the nearby Maxwell Hawker Food Centre when the first child approached them to paint on the spot. Dylan called me to confirm the price for the painting session - it was $10 per canvas. By the time I came back to MAAD 10 minutes later, 3 kids were already painting and one had just made payment to Dylan to start. I was probably redundant since my 2 young assistants were managing the 4 kids very well. I already knew Treise can teach but I did not realise Dylan had hidden depths! Hmmm.... both Treise & Dylan received plenty of praises. So, the DIY Painting sessions are going to be a regular offering at MAAD as my 2 young assistants became very excited with their success and told me imperiously that I must get more pre-drawn canvases for the next MAAD! 

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