Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Release! Ribbon Flower #03 PDF Sewing Pattern

Ribbon Flower #01 PDF Sewing Tutorial - S$6.50/US$4.90
Ribbon Flower #01 Printed Sewing Tutorial, Instructions in Black & White - S$8.50/US$6.40 + Postage

Ribbon Flower PDF Pattern and Instructions #03

A Ribbon Flower Tutorial, real easy to make yet so pretty. Can be made from any kind of fabric ribbon. The flower in the tutorial is made form organza ribbon. No machine-sewing required. Just a bit of hand-sewing, gluing and you are done!

This beautiful flower can be made into many items like a brooch, hair-clip, hairband, hair-tie etc. Instructions on how to make this flower into a brooch or hair accessory are given as well. Instructions are given so you can make flowers in different sizes. This tutorial comes with a computer-drawn backing template sheet and instructions with diagrams and photos in A4-size PDF file format.

Each flower can be easily completed in 45 to 60 minutes.

The dimensions in diameter of the flower in the tutorial are approximately 6cm.

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