Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Items! Kanzashi Flower Accessories!

After much experimenting, I've managed to improve my crafting speed and have decided to make Kanzashi Flower Accessories. Not to mention the fact that my daughter loves to fold the petals and she's really quite fast and accurate in her folding though I usually have to refold at times on the side (she's only 7! I do not have the heart to tell her I have to refold)

What is Kanzashi? Well, the actual full name is Kanzashi Tsumami but everyone calls them Kanzashi for short instead. It is the traditional Japanese art of fabric folding into petals and forming into flowers. Recently, new techniques & styles of folding have been invented and introduced. Besides flowers, you can find insects like butterflies, bugs formed using traditional Kanzashi or Kanzashi styled petals.

Our new items are made with both traditional and my own invented styles of petal folding. You'll find brooches - perfect for adorning that bag of yours or even pinning that slipping scarf, hair accessories like barrettes, bobby pins, alligator clips, pony elastics, stretchy headbands for kids & adults, adjustable rings for any ring size and earrings. I use fabrics like cotton, silks, lame, corduroy, leatherette, etc. These items are available here, etsy and at Sunflower SG.

You can view individual pics of the Kanzashi Flowers at Barangshop at Facebook

Edited : Flowers come in 4 sizes (approximate) : XL=7.2 to 7.5cm, L=6 to 6.3cm, M=4.7 to 5cm, S=4cm, XS=3 to 3.5cm

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